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A Ongoing Review of the Literature on Catholic Higher Education

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Currently in Catholic Higher Education
Fall, 2010

Latest News

Bishops Condemn Book by Creighton Theologians
by Rick Ruggles
Omaha World Herald, Metro (September 23, 2010).
Full text available here. 

Identity Issues

Catholic Colleges 20 Years After 'Ex Corde'

Chronicle of Higher Education, (September 12, 2010).
Full text available here.

20 Years After Ex Corde: What Was All the Fuss About?
National Catholic Reporter, September 2, 2010

Full text available here.

Christianity and Moral Identity in Higher Education

Perry Glanzer and Todd Ream
Palgrave Macmillan (2010)



Practical Steps for Improving Campus Spiritual Climate
Leslie Schwartz
Spirituality in Higher Education Newsletter (August, 2010)
Full text available here.


Mission Related Resources
Fall, 2010 Higher Education

Engaging College Men
by Gar Kellom and Miles Groth (eds.) 2010
Men's Studies Press - Sponsored by the Lilly Foundation

Seeing the Light:
Religious Colleges in Twenty-First-Century America

Samuel Schuman
Johns Hopkins University Press (2010)

  The Catholic Church

Young and Catholic in America
Kevin Meme & Jeffrey Guhin (eds.)

Paulist Press (2010)

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Fall, 2010 Professional Resources

ACCU Fall Newsletter

Volume 36(3)
Full text available here.
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